Tahiti - paradise is calling!

In the midst of the seemingly endless expanses of the South Sea lie the islands of Tahiti.

The very idea of this unique dream destination evokes visions of a veritable island paradise. During a stay it then quickly turns out that fantasy and reality are hardly apart. This trip will be remembered for a long time!

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This vacation will be an unforgettable dream trip

Tahiti is not only a popular destination for couples who want to enjoy togetherness. The destination has much more to offer than pure beach vacations in luxury resorts. How about a joint diving safari to explore the breathtaking underwater world or island hopping to explore even more dream islands? All this starts in Papeete - the capital and gateway of this paradise.

Since many cruises arrive in Papeete, it is a good idea to travel to Tahiti a few days earlier and enjoy the time on the island before getting on board.

Direct flights to the capital of the group of islands are available with Air Tahiti Nui from Paris CDG, LosAngeles/Vancouver, Tokyo and Auckland. Feeder flights to Paris are available from 23 European airports.

Travel, for example, from Amsterdam, Brussels,
Milan, Vienna, Zurich and several German cities
via Paris to Tahiti!

From Germany, ideal feeder flights with Air Tahiti Nui are available to Paris from the following airports:

  • Berlin
  • Dusseldorf
  • Frankfurt
  • Munich
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Good to know:
Flexible group conditions are guaranteed when booking with Air Tahiti Nui. While cancellations are possible without any fee up to 3 months prior to departure, passenger names and final details are required at a later date. Feeder flights from all over Europe to Paris CDG ensure a seamless connection. Tell our group experts your preferred departure airport.

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